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Window Tinting & Security Window Films in Chicago, IL

We offer high quality window tints that can block up to 99% of UV beams.

Window Film

Saving Energy and Reflection control

With the window tint you have more control over heating/cooling your house, therefore you will be using less energy and save your money.

In case of a broken glass, window tint will hold all the small, broken glass pieces inside and will protect you from getting cut. If in your house there is a lot of sunlight, you can change that by getting a window tint that will reduce the sunlight to the comfort level.

Film Type Appearance Visible Light Transmission Solar Energy Rejection Visible Light Reflectance Glare Reduction
Clear Glassclear89%14%8%0%
DN 60neutral63%30%11%29%
DN 50neutral49%39%14%45%
DN 35neutral37%45%18%58%
DN 20neutral22%60%26%75%
DN 15neutral18%62%19%80%
DN 35 EXTneutral37%49%16%58%
DN 20 EXTneutral22%63%26%75%

Safety and Security Films. Protection from Vandals

Window protection tint helps you save your window from graffity or scratches. The tint is strong, invisible, and not expansive. Safety security films are designed to provide a "safety net" from dangerous broken glass and flying shards by bonding to the glass and holding it in place if it breaks.

Need Window Film?

Do you need window film / tinting? Our team is is eager to provide you a quote for a quality job. Don't wait! Contact us or call 347-476-6130 and speak to our friendly staff about your needs.

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